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NewAir 28-Bottle Wine Coolers: AW-280E & AW-281E

Great-Value, Moderately Priced Wine Fridges If you are looking for a a neat, mid-sized wine storage to keep your wines at ideal serving temperature then this 28-bottle thermoelectric model by NewAir seems to be a great choice at affordable price. The two models AW-280E and the AW-281E have the same technical specifications and storage capacity, they slightly differ in size ...

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EdgeStar 30-Bottle Wine Refrigerator, Built-In, Single Zone

edgestar 30-bottle wine fridge

Good-Value Built-In Cooler with Lock The EdgeStar 30-bottle wine cooler is a sturdy, single zone model with lockable door and designed for built-in placement. With its narrow 15-inch width it fits nicely in the place of a kitchen trash compactor under the counter.   Read Full Review   Setting the Temperature The temp. range of the cooler is from 40 ...

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Top-Rated 12-Bottle Wine Coolers

If you tend to keep only around a dozen of bottles of wine at home then a 12-bottle wine cooler refrigerator is a practical appliance fort short-term storage at proper temperature and humidity level. We’ve listed and reviewed the most popular 12-bottle wine cooler refrigerators on this page. These small-capacity wine coolers are often thermoelectric units. The application of thermoelectric ...

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8 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerators

Reviews & Comparison If you are looking for a small, compact wine cooler then take a look at some popular 8-bottle wine cooler refrigerators listed below. These compact wine storage units take up little space while providing proper storage conditions for your favorite wines. Since these small capacity wine refrigerators are moderately priced, they’re perfect for beginner wine connosieurs who ...

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6-bottle Wine Coolers

Reviews and Comparison If you need to store and cool only half a dozen bottles of wine at the same time then a 6-bottle wine cooler refrigerator is a perfect choice. Most of these units use thermoelectric cooling technology. This new technic is best applied in small appliances. 6 bottle wine cooler refrigerators have single temperature zone which means that ...

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Single Bottle Wine Coolers

Chill Wine Quickly A single bottle wine cooler comes handy when you need chilled wine quickly. When you have unexpected guests just place a bottle of wine in the single bottle cooler and you’ll have finely cooled wine in about 20-30 minutes. Without an electric chiller you can put the wine in the freezer to accelerate cooling but you might ...

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Small Wine Coolers

From 4 up to 16 Bottles – Best-Value Units If you’re limited on space but you’ve started to collect wines then a small wine cooler refrigerator is a practical and decorative appliance to store your precious bottles in it. Small wine coolers have not only the benefit of easy placement but the smallest, countertop units are portable appliances which is ...

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Best Electric Mini Wine Coolers

Comparison of Best-Selling Models Compare best-selling mini wine coolers to see which one provides the most value for your money. All these small wine refrigerators store up to 4-6 bottles of wine and are designed for free-standing, countertop or tabletop placement. All units use thermolectric cooling system which is often applied in small appliances. Thermal electric wine coolers have the ...

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Dual-Bottle Wine Coolers

Chill Two Types of Wines at The Same Time With a dual bottle wine cooler you can chill two bottles of your favourite wines to perfect drinking temperatures. If you know a little bit about wine tasting then it isn’t knew to you that to enjoy the natural taste and aroma of wine the best it needs to be chilled ...

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